GWT German Water Treatment GmbH
Industrial waste water treatment
•G-OWP: Oil Water Separation  for Produced Water (PW) for up-stream  production G-OWW: Oil Water Separation for refinery waste water G-FRAC:Treatment of fracturing waster water and flow back water   G-RRW:Reclamation of refinery waste water G-DAFF: Dissolved Air Flotation Filter G-DAFU: Dissolved Air Flotation Ultra Filter •Recovery of slop oil from refinery waste water treatment •Slop oil dewatering
Applications Produced Water Treatment in up-stream production •Water for injection •Produced water treatment for re-injection •Particle and oil removal for injection water and re-injection water •Treatment of produced water for re-injection and injection •Removal     of     Sulfate,Iron     Sulfide,     Barium     Sulfate,     Hydrogen     Sulfide, Hardness for injection •Crude recovery Refinery waste water treatment Treatment of refinery waste water •Recycling   of   refinery   waste   water   to   cooling   tower   make   up   water      and boiler feed water •Condensate polishing Boiler Feed and cooling tower make up water •High efficiency desalination of sea water •Treatment   of   municipal   and   industrial   waste   water   to   boiler   feed   water quality •Treatment of refinery waste water to boiler feed water quality Fracturing Waster Water treatment •Fracturing waster water and flowback water treament
G-US :  Ultra Filtration softening reactor   G-CU :  Coagulation - Flocculation process for membrane treatment G-DAFF : Dissolved Gas Flotation Filter G-DAFU :Dissolved Gas Flotation Ultra Filter
G-MN :Landfill Leachate Treatment with MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) and Nano Filtration with concentrate recovery G-UR :Landfill leachate treatment treatment with Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis G-MU:  MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) with external Ultra Filtration •Municipal and Industrial waste water polishing with Nano Filtration and concentrate recovery
Applications •Potable water treatment •from ground water wells •from river and dams •from beach wells and river banks Sea Water Desalination •Softening •De-carbonizing •Re-carbonizing •Iron and manganese removal •Disinfection
Emergency Potable Water Supply •Ultra Filtration with or without Activated Carbon Polishing •Multi Media Filtration with or without Activated Carbon Polishing
       Municipal water treatment
    Municipal waste water treatment
 Applications Landfill Leachate Treatment Municipal and Industrial waste water